The Shadow Minister


Kianna is a tall, slender woman of about 5’7". White, and pale, she prefers to accentuate contrasts by dressing in all black. Her dark hair is dyed black, and she has light green eyes. She seems to be in her late twenties.


Kianna was the leader of Jacob’s old pack in Chicago, along with Cudro. A Lasombra, she specializes in control over darkness. She is also a power-hungry megalomaniac. Unlike Cudro, she seems much less interest in aiding Jacob, although she does seem to have some sense that they are working together.

When she learned Jacob was harboring mages, she came upon their hotel before the Technocracy arrived, giving Will a urn which, when touched, caused him to absorb the blood of herself, Jacob, Cudro, and 2 other vampires. His Avatar rejected it, causing him to vomit blood, and Jacob got her to back off the mages under the threat of a war between vampires and mages. Kianna retrieved the urn, absorbing a dose of Will’s mage blood and returning some of hers to the urn.

The Technocracy attacked, and despite the Technocracy taking heavy damage, Kianna, Jacob, and the cabal were forced to retreat. Jahan threw the urn out the back at the pursuing Technocrats—absorbing Kianna’s and becoming first step blood bonded—before tumbling out. Only Kianna saw this, and said nothing.

When the others learned what she had (not) done, they made her leave. Jacob chose Will over her, and respecting their strength, she left. She has not been heard from since.

As a Lasombra, Kianna is vulnerable to light and fire.


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