Keisha Morrison

The Psychologist


Keisha Morrison is a middle-aged African-American woman in her early fifties. She stands 5’5" tall. Her skin and eyes are dark and she wears a straight black wig, styled short.


Keisha Morrison is a Void Engineer of the Neutralization Specialist Corps’ Methodology, specifically of the Department of Psychological Evaluation and Maintenance (DPEM). Her job within Amalgam QH-97 is to monitor the members of her amalgam, and others who come into regular contact with Joshua and other RDs, for signs of mental illness and Quiet. Besides her duties with the amalgams, Keisha also monitors patterns in the behavior of the construct as well as the city as a whole. She is a Cincinnati native.

Keisha is a trained psychologist who underwent further training at the Cop in Deep Space. She has also been a member of the Pan-Dimensional Corps and has much more experience studying Marauders than is typical, while still exhibiting a stable psych profile (itself an unusual combination).

While she is subordinate to both Xifeng Lin and Kouamé Bekoe, she has the connections to have them removed from duty if she feels they are a threat. She also has regular psychology evaluations from a member of DPEM outside of Cincinnati. Because of her professional relationship with both of Xifeng’s amalgams, she keeps a very distant relationship with QH-97 and WU-51.

During the Juncture, Keisha played a support role. She also explained to Rick Morgan that Jahan was able to walk through the defenses they had erected against Joshua because each Marauder was as individualized and unique as any typical GROUP of deviants.

Keisha Morrison

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