Katerina "Kate" Vasilyeva

The Big Bad


Kate is a short white woman of about 5’4" tall. She has amber-colored eyes and long brown hair which falls in waves to her mid-back. She is in her late twenties and looks young. Truthfully, most of the time she doesn’t have pants on and is interacting via the Digital Web.

She’s chosen an older appearance her, around late thirties, and much taller at 5’10". She has central heterochromia here—blue-green eyes with an understated ring of brown in the center. Her hair is still brown but it’s a little bit lighter.

(Think Claudia Christian rather than Tatiana Maslany).


Kate was Will’s Mentor, a Virtual Adept Adept. A Russian immigrant to the UK, she found Will when he was 13, repeatedly attempting to hack her servers. After toying with him the requisite amount of time, she realized his raw ability with computers exceeded her own and more importantly that he was a perfect fit for the Virtual Adept paradigm, meeting him and helping him to Awaken that same year (or so Will believed until recently).

In reality Kate is a homoculus created by the Batini Archmage Kal, who identified Will as the key figure in this iteration of events. Kate’s only purpose in befriending and Awakening him was to keep tabs on him, artificially slow his progress to keep pace with the Nephandi, and help lead him into crisis after crisis to bring him as close to breaking without actually causing the Tellurian to replace him.

Unlike some other mentors, Kate stays in regular communication with Will even if they never physically met (although their Avatars have met in the Digital Web many times), ostensibly allowing her to guide him through crises.

When the cabal was planning to deal with Jeffrey, she found a local Virtual Adept, Linda, who was willing to meet them in person—no mean feat—so that they would have a steady adult who could help keep them calm. Linda proved to be a steady ally (especially after this first mission turned into murder).

When, Kate, Will, and Jahan discovered they could physically enter Tecumseh’s Network via the Digital Web, Kate had Linda act as a gatekeeper to protect the connection. Once inside, Jahan converted to Virtual Adept. Since then, Kate more or less acted as his mentor as well as Will’s.

When Sonia Farooqi broke the Children of Vision, Kate transported Will’s more incriminating stuff out of his apartment, including his “outdated Amiga clone.” Once he was to safety she confronted him over his blood bond to Jacob, which he had kept from her. With his permission she looked at his mind, but due to her great dislike of Mind magick (she learned the sphere only to defend herself against intrusion) she missed a great deal of other manipulation.

After Jahan is captured by Technocrats, he is able to project himself into the Digital Web while dreaming. Through the connection, Kate is able to remove his memories of Christine and corrupt his memories of the Network, at least giving them bad information.

Because of Will’s ongoing issue with jhor and their belief it led to him being blood-bonded, Kate tries to fix it herself, but doesn’t have the skill to do so safely. She takes him to Davey Darkefell, who solves the problem.

When Will hatched a plan to rescue Jahan, Kate and Linda were planning a massive Virtual Adept raid on the Rock Island Construct in order to provide a distraction for the Technocrats to focus on, but only Darkefell would sign on. Kate decided to get Kibo to agree to it, knowing everyone else would do it if he was. She succeeded, and both missions were a success, although with a few casualties, like Dash.

Later, when Will is taken by the Nephandi, Kate tries to help find him, although their wards make that almost impossible. She helps track the cabal members and pulls them, Will, and Jacob out when the mission succeeds, filling the corridor with electricity as a parting gift for Gavin.

When Will, Kate, and Linda were racing to access the Network, she sabotaged their work, pulling them out of the Web before James activated the Network beneath Yellowstone National Park and the Digital Web crashed, lobotomizing everyone inside. She brought them to a media facility in England where they could see the consequences of their failure, before taking Will for one last walk as her apprentice, to answer his questions and come clean about who and what she is.

When Alex and Ava came to their rescue, she attempted to murder Alex by teleporting out his heart, but the massive amount of Backlash for attempting such a vulgar feat with such power ripped her still-functioning circulatory system out of her body and spread it around the facility. Ava, Linda, and the Avengers were able to escape with their lives.

She promised Will that, after Kite and the Adepts of Time, she will come to kill Linda and the Avengers. True to her word, she followed the Avengers to Kite’s pocket realm, murdering the Master. Juanita sacrificed herself to buy the others time to escape.

Katerina "Kate" Vasilyeva

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