Karasi Belaouf

The Same Woman


Karasi is a fairly tall, light-skinned black woman standing 5’8". She has curly black hair that frames her face, and light brown eyes. She usually wears a rough, shapeless robe in grey or brown, cut to maximize her mobility without the slightest regard to style or even comfort.


Karasi Belaouf is an Ahl-i-Batin Darwushim who has been posing as a Nephandus for a number of years, after being tricked into the Black Spiral. She first encountered Alex in the Umbra, after Alex had been shot by Xifeng Lin rescuing Will from Gavin. She was with a group of Nephandi who took Alex hostage in order to turn him. Jared managed to kill several but was forced to flee.

The Nephandi look inside Alex’s mind and see everything he knows. Karasi shows Alex a piece of his former life as Tecumseh; she knows he created the Network. She also makes him inclined to trust her.

When Will and Jacob were rescuing him, they came upon another Batini, Lila, who was hunting the Batini barabbi. When they reached the tower where they were holding Alex and saved him, Lila went after Karasi, they sole survivor. Lila was never seen again.

Karasi, on the other hand, passed a Seeking and was able to pass bodily into the physical world on her own to pursue Alex. Of the ‘Nephandi’ who know what is in Alex’s head, only Karasi is left. She heads straight to Jerusha, striking a bargain wherein she got to keep Alex. She protected Alex’s knowledge from Jerusha and the Nephandi.

Before all this, though, Karasi encountered the wraith of Ada Lovelace, her past life, and was able to interface with her, allowing her a means of guiding and keeping tabs on Alex. As the reincarnation of Ada Lovelace, Karasi has much of the former’s knowledge of the Network, and is compulsively driven to seek it out by an insatiable curiosity.

She was barely seen after this, once leading Sonia and Davey to meet Jerusha to get assurances of the Nephandic ceasefire with the Avengers, although she did not bother to stick around for the meeting.

After the Cataclysm, she is with a group of 45 Nephandi in Missouri, whom she murders to prevent them from “widening the wound” and making the earthquakes worse. They were part of a time cult and contained some of the most powerful Time Nephandi alive. She realizes later that this was too easy, and was likely aided in this endeavor by Kal or Victor O’Hannigan. Feeling a compulsion to head to St Louis, she uses Ada to get Alex and the others to come, where she feels she can reveal herself in the presence of a Master of Mind, Yorick.

Matt is able to verify that she is not a Nephandus; he attacks Yorick, believing him to be Kal. While the others join in, Karasi prevents Alex from shooting Yorick—what if he is wrong?

He is in fact wrong. Victor O’Hannigan reveals himself, neutralizing his opponents’ magick and incapacitating Matt and Yorick almost instantly. He attempts to simultaneously gilgul Alex and Karasi before being killed by their combined efforts and Xifeng Lin. Both Alex and Karasi acquire jhor for these actions.

As a Disciple of Spirit, Karasi accompanies the party to Tippecanoe, where she and Alex are able to use Spirit to bridge Daniel’s time magick with the time portal Jessica blocked from access. She and Daniel are immediately transported to the early 19th century.

Karasi Belaouf

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