The Wraith


Juggler is a plain-looking young man in his late teens. He has pale skin, short-cropped brown hair, green eyes, and stands about 5’11". He tends to favor jeans, t-shirts, and the occasional leather jacket.

Juggler resembles his host, Jacob, except for having his original’s bright green eyes instead of Jacob’s brown ones.


Juggler was a Brujah leader of the Anarchs in Chicago. Some months ago, Jacob diablerized him, but the diablerie didn’t take as it normally should—some fragment of him is still around, and has been perceived by spirit mages.

After Will‘s blood bond is broken, Eleanor punishes Jacob by giving him Will’s memories and emotions of his violation. In Jacob’s weakened state, Juggler comes forward and chokes Eleanor into unconsciousness, hysterically threatening, asking, and begging Will to help him. He explains what happened to him.

When Jacob and Will were abducted by Gavin, Juggler worked together with his killer, coming forward and tricking Gavin into thinking Jacob was dead. He then Dominated Gavin and broke free, rescuing Will.

While he was completely fine with letting himself and Jacob die in that church, Jacob’s hunger overpowered him, and he lost control of the body to Jacob’s frenzy.

When Alex died, Juggler met him in the Second Precinct of the Lower Umbra. Juggler can travel no further than the first two Precincts—he is changed to Life, though not the living. He reveals his connection and that he’s been afraid that even in final death he and Jacob will be bound to each other. He helps Alex in exchange for his vow to sever his connection to Jacob.

Later, in the Middle Umbra, Juggler has a separate form, which he uses to attack Jacob. Alex and Will talk him out of it and to the peace of the grave, and Ren returns the piece of him that was still inside Jacob. Jacob can no longer Dominate, among other things. Jacob apologizes for the first time for what he did to him, and Juggler asks Alex to send him on. Juggler passes beyond in peace.


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