The Plant


Jozef is a tall, Slovakian man of 6’2". He has spiky, dirty blonde hair and vivid green-blue eyes. As a vampire, his skin is pale, and he manages both stillness and swiftness in equal measure when the situation calls for it.


Jozef is a vampire of unknown clan, loyal to the Prince of Cincinnati. He made his first appearance at the Old Man‘s when America, Jacob, and Daniel went to kill Jahan, after receiving the Prince’s permission to violate Elysium. Though the Prince made no offer to help, he was clearly a plant, trying to diffuse the situation when one of the monitors became alarmed by America’s weaponry and facilitate their murder as cleanly as possible.

When the situation went south, he warned as many residents as he could and then absconded with the Old Man. He demonstrated proficiency in Celerity. If he was indeed a resident of the Old Man’s, he may be a younger vampire, but a trusted one.

When Daniel peered into a potential, alternate timeline, an unhappy Jozef greeted them the night after the destruction at the Old Man’s, and took them to the Prince. He expressed an opinion in America’s competence but otherwise stayed out of the situation.

Jozef was killed in the battle with Kal.


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