Joshua Lopez

The Time Marauder


Joshua smells of honey and rye.


A Marauder, he is one of the last two remaining Masters of Time left, along with Mr. Kite. He Awakened after being abducted by the serial killer Chris Rook and strangled to death.

He has an affinity for bees. The first time he met the amalgam—at least, from their perspective—Rick Morgan sent Xifeng to investigate some RD activity until the Pan-Dimensional Corps got there. She found Brendon Bern and a Sleeper covered in honeycomb. From Brendon’s perspective, Xifeng had been missing for hours, and he and Charlotte Bailey had gone to look for her, finding cars covered eerily covered in honeycomb and bees acting unnaturally. Everytime he fell asleep this happened, and he didn’t know where Charlotte was. While they survived their encounter with the Marauder, no one but the three of them remembered the events, because to Morgan and the Pan-Dimensional Corps those events never happened.

He recognizes a kindred spirit in Jahan, and has come to the junior Marauder’s aid at least once. For some reason, also, Joshua has humanized Xifeng—he recognizes her as a person in a way that he does not with anyone else that he interacts with.

At the Carnival, he caused the disappearance of four hundred people, several dozen of whom were never seen again, and turned Xifeng into a cat. Ben and America also traded bodies for a time. Correspondence was vulgar there, and every Correspondence mage took aggravated damage when the carnival was defeated.

Among those who disappeared was Vic Jacques. Vic Jacques reappeared as an agent of Joshua to take Xifeng to see her brother, Chenglei, who committed suicide 16 years ago as a teenager. She agreed (to collect reconnaissance)—Brendon Bern jumped them in order to travel along.

Joshua first transported them five or six hundred years in the future, after a cataclysm had wiped out all signs of human life, and then back to see her brother, where it was revealed he committed suicide after an association with Joshua. After returning to the present, unable to break free of their connection to Joshua, Vic Jacques committed suicide by cop.

Joshua also intercedes when Daniel, America, Jacob, and Cadence go to kill Jahan, coming to the junior Marauder’s aid and driving them away.

During the Juncture, Sedna creates four separate dimensions to defeat Joshua. He is triumphant in two, but ultimately sealed away in another two. In the one that became reality, it was Alex, Siera, and Charlotte who did it, with the help of the spirit of Cincinnati.

Joshua Lopez

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