Johann Erdoğan

The Homunculus


Johann is a young German man of Turkish descent, standing 6’4" with broad shoulders. He has dark brown hair, a slightly lighter beard, and hazel eyes.


Johann is one of Kal‘s homunculi, the one residing in the Cult of Ecstasy. In previous loops he was a member of a band with an un-Awakened Daniel Amar, the best friend of Aaron Spaulding, and even a member of Aaron’s cabal with Sonia and Will.

Because of Kate’s closeness with Will, Johann was not assigned to directly interact with the cabal. His only known activity was attempting to kill the Chorister Master Fríða Vilhjalmsson in Nuuk, Greenland. She was saved by Matt Coronas.

Johann approaches the Avengers Will and America, curious about them, but is rebuffed. When next he appears it’s to hold Linda hostage and threaten Will, Alex, and Karasi. Will makes a deal with him to find out about Aaron, and he leaves without agreeing to hold up his end, realizing Kal sent Kate to kill him.

Before the battle with Kate and Kal, Johann warned America they were coming.

Johann Erdoğan

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