The Demon


Jerusha has several forms. She once appeared as Jane Davis, a middle-aged, slight white woman with short, salt-and-pepper hair, and in her angelic form.

In this form, she was tall, her limbs thin and elongated, in a way that seemed inhuman rather than skeletal. Her face was beautiful, but in an entirely different fashion than any beautiful human any member of the cabal had ever seen. While nude, she wore shadows around her like a garment. The shadows had varied shading and intensity, and were always moving. When she passed under deeper shadow, her eyes glowed with a cold blue light. She could if she chose manifests great wings, like a swan, 7 feet in span and pure white under the shadows.

However, after the emotional strain of Sonia’s attack, she fell to her darker impulses. Her true form is now much flatter, almost insubstantial to the eye. It is black, rather than wreathed in shadow, and not at all humanoid. One would sooner describe it as a living shadow than anything tall or beautiful. But while her appearance is much more subdued, her voice is not: like the keening of wind over jagged stones, it can rise and rise to a screech no one being should be able to make.

Her human form has suffered also, aging in the intervening time, for as rarely as she bothers to display it now.


Anjerahael Rebelled.

For this it fell from Grace, and spent an eternity away from the Presence. It clawed her way out, through time as well as space, and appeared decades away from the emergence of the others. It took a body and resumed its quiet career, feeling a kinship in its appreciation of the mathematical principles of the universe—something its own nature was based on.

And here Anjerahael begun to study the nature of this new world, of humanity, of their ability to impact reality through Faith. It seemed absolute. It could even limit itself—through the machinations of Order of Reason, humanity was wiping out its own capacity to believe. Did her own origin only exist because at least a third of humanity believed it? Why didn’t demons ever emerge outside of areas with Christian majorities? They were uneasy but relevant questions.

A chance encounter with Ada Byron’s notes gave her the direction she needed to start working, if not the understanding: a project of decades, to access Tecumseh’s networks and create impossible earthquakes. Miracles and nightmares beyond explanation, and the ability to bring the Technocracy to its knees. As a Demon, she was naturally suited to work with Nephandi—though only a third were really loyal. Not wanting to use her name with most, she worked with the name Jerusha.

Initially, she had the Nephandus Jeffrey feeding an access point to the Network life energy in an attempt to wake it up and control it. This was thwarted by the cabal. Bringing Will to her, she conditioned him to trust her and then sent him back to meet with his friends. When he and Jahan were abducted by Chad, she rescued them, and then feigned firing Jeffrey and hiring the cabal.

After Linda and the cabal hunted Jeffrey and Will melted him with fluorine gas, her priorities changed. She ended up conditioning Christine to her as a infernalist, but gaining a deep-seated hatred of Sonia. When Sonia broke the cabal, she intervened, blinding the victors and taking out Cudro with one kick. The cabal managed to dissuade her from killing anyone, and she left, rescuing Chad from his cell and convincing him God had a mission for him—to kill Will and Jahan, but not to touch either of the girls—they belonged to her.

Later, she attempted to kill Sonia and Alex at the ritual circle in the school. In that confrontation, Sonia struck her with a power line, deeply injuring her. The emotional impact drove her over the line into her darker nature, fueling her transformation from her angelic to her demonic side. In retaliation, she set the school on fire with them warded inside, knowing Sonia did not have the ability to escape such a ward. They survived through the talents of Alex.

Electricity is the only thing known to hurt Jerusha.

During the events of Super Tuesday, Jerusha allowed the amalgam and cabal to fight one another, and then came in with Sapphira and a couple of other Nephandi to subdue the winners. She is electrocuted by Davey and leaves. It still may have been a success, if not for the timely arrival of Matt Coronas. Simultaneously, Gavin and a Black Spiral Dancer abduct Will and Jacob.

Gavin tortures Will, successfully getting a lot of information for her about the Network. She appeals to him with her plans to avoid further torture out of a sense of guilt, but he declines to work with her. She tells him that his friends will be here within three days—she will guide them to what’s left of him—and she will keep her and hers off of them so that if they are successful they will break the Technocracy.

Jerusha has several known surviving acolytes—the Nephandus Gavin, and the infernalists Nina and Christine. Additionally she works with a number of other Nephandi, such as Karasi and Mackenzie. She also possesses a copy of the Prophecies of Gabrielle Harrison.

Jerusha has displayed a number of abilities such as teleportation through doors, leaping with great force, and manifesting beams of light. Even in her human form, she is almost as strong as America.

Jerusha helped a little during Black Tuesday, teleporting Davey and an electric car to the battle to take on Jahan, because the Prophecies of Gabrielle Harrison stated that if Jahan wasn’t stopped he’d access the Network before her. She attempted to convert Kristin to her cause and then abandoned Kristin and the cabal to the Technocrats when they appeared.

On New Year’s Eve, Jerusha helped Christine access the Network. When the power overload gilguled her, James took over, tricking the Technocrats into venting its power under the Yellowstone Caldera, and tricking Jerusha to accompany him to the site. He collapsed the ring of stones she used as a threshold, trapping them both there when the supervolcano erupted and its energy destroyed their souls, effectively gilguling them.


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