Jeffrey Moor

The First One


Jeffrey was a large, biracial man in his late thirties, with blue-green eyes and buzzed dark hair.


Jeffrey was a Nephandus who worked for Jerusha. He was trying to help her understand the Network and how to use it, and was the first antagonist the cabal uncovered. In his teenage years, he was also a member of Gabrielle’s cabal, the Radical Dreamers, before its members exceeded him and went their separate ways.

He started by siphoning small amounts of Life from over a hundred students at Davenport High, including Sonia and Will. When Sonia entered the maintenance shaft where he was conducting his ritual, he made her forget, and threw her off the catwalk. Later, the two of them, Christine, and Sid interfered with his circle, alerting them. He knocked out Sid and abducted Will, taking her to Jerusha.

There, Jerusha spun some tales and made Will trust her. The next time they all met up, she “fired” him so she could work with both groups in secret.

Unfortunately for him, Will’s vengeance spirits directed the cabal to kill him—or else. They investigated further, tracking him to his hotel with the help of Linda McNally, a Virtual Adept Kate had found to aid them. Will had already drained his bank account—something he could do against the more powerful mage—enraging him. Jahan was attempting to hold him in sleep. They had a plan—knock him out with carbon monoxide and get him arrested by the mundane authorities. But when he woke up, tore through the defenses, psychically attacked Sonia, and Jahan, fresh from his dreams, announced that he was a Nephandus, Will, panicked, melted him with fluorine gas.

While that was the end of Jeffrey Moor, the resulting jhor would corrupt Will for a long time coming.

Later Will learned from Dylan that Jeffrey was briefly in his and Gabrielle’s cabal as a teenager and novice of the spheres.

Jeffrey Moor

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