James Mountjoy

The Hermetic


Mountjoy is an attractive, charming man with luminous brown eyes and a winning smile. He is white, with well-groomed short brown hair and slightly tanned skin. He stands at 5’9" tall and wears suits tailored to show off his slender physique. He is in his early- to mid-thirties.


Mountjoy is a Hermetic Disciple of Forces and the master of the Hermetic chantry in Cincinnati. He took over from Nadira, a more powerful, experienced mage, after “gross financial incompetence” according to rumor.

After Jahan is rescued from the Technocracy, Alex sends him to the Hermetic chantry in St. Louis to undergo deprogramming, along with his mother, Tamara, who was also rescued. When they are finished they send him to Mountjoy’s chantry.

Will and Dylan come to check on him and see if he’s ready to come home. Will finds Mountjoy offputting, especially in the way he ignores his Sleeper father until Will specifically points Dylan out to him. Although the Hermetics weren’t entirely sure he was stable, this, combined with Jahan asking to come home, makes Will take him—unfortunate, since Jahan was by this point a Marauder…

Jahan’s mother was still undergoing reconditioning. Mountjoy offered to be a point of contact between them and St. Louis.

After Will and Jacob were taken to Davenport by Gavin, and the Technocracy pulled Xifeng’s resources, Matt knocked her out and took her blindfolded to the Hermetic chantry. When Mountjoy learned she was a Woman in Black, he summoned ball lightning with intent to kill her. Xifeng removed her blindfold to see Matt holding a black knife to his throat. Matt made it clear if he killed her, he would die as well. He got Mountjoy to let Nadira teleport them to Davenport, but as he had burned his bridges with the Cincinnnati Hermetics, this would be a one-way trip.

Afterwards, Xifeng told as much about Mountjoy and the interior of the chantry as she could remember to the Union during her debriefing, for as little as that would help them.

At the Battle of Chili’s, Nadira goes on an unsanctioned mission to kill Xifeng Lin and Charlotte Bailey, taking along Alex Cinna. It goes disastrously, resulting in Alex taking a mortal wound and Xifeng executing his second-in-command. He begins to have suspicions Nadira was a Nephandus.

Moreover, now that Jahan is a Marauder, Mountjoy was given the awkward duty of informing the cabal that the Hermetic chantry in St. Louis actually tried to shift his paradigm toward the Hermetics, possibly exacerbating the situation. While it’s not as if he personally was responsible for any of this they are certainly holding him accountable. It is not a good time in Mountjoy’s world right now.

During the Juncture, Mountjoy held Tamara as a guest/hostage in the chantry. He prevented her from going to her son, knowing he could destroy her. In one world, when Matt brought them so he could use Tamara as bait, Mountjoy refused to let him. In another, he appeared with Matt after the initial battle with Jahan, and took on Cadence, who ultimately killed him.

James Mountjoy

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