James McAvoy

The Enigma


James McAvoy is a white man in his mid-thirties. He wears distinctive round wire-rimmed glasses over his dark hazel eyes. His hair is brown and just beginning to recede, and he has a slight ponch. He stands at 5’10".


James McAvoy is a Canadian Technocrat, and a Progenitor. He was initially assigned to Amalgam AT-12 along with Xifeng, Ben, Cadence, and Russ after showing too much compassion to deviants and being given the 5th degree. He is also nominally a member the Nephandi.

AT-12 is assigned to apprehend Sonia Farooqi, whom they know as Achilles, the teenage student of Odysseus, better known as Matt Coronas. His amalgam’s first assignment is to clean up after an excrement deviant attacks a mall, unbeknownst to them completely missing Sonia unconscious amongst the victims.

When America Anders has her heart destroyed after being poisoned by Sapphira, James treats her, replacing it with an artificial heart (that the Technocrats can track). James knows he is a deviant, but does not share this information with his teammates, as he does not like to see kids processed. He enlists America to keep her mouth shut, as he’s putting himself at great risk by not turning her in (indeed, being 5th degree already, if anything he’s understating the risk).

In Chicago, when the Technocrats track down Jacob, Will, Jahan, and Dylan. He is shot in the firefight. Ben leaves him to die—something James has never really forgotten—when Jacob approaches them, and Jacob could have easily killed him, but chose to let him live, although he did shoot Ben twice in the leg and buttocks.

Afterwards, Jahan tumbled out of the back of the deviants’ getaway van. James patched him up. Xifeng wasn’t able to get him to talk, but James intimidated him without laying a finger on him, letting his imagination conjure all sorts of ideas about what “the Technocracy” could do to him and how they could change how he’d think, getting him to answer questions without any sort of interrogation or visit to Psych Ops. The visit to Psych Ops still proved necessary, of course, and it was James and Cadence who took him to Stephen Mackenzie. Cadence was nervous, but James was completely unreadable about the situation.

After America was picked up by Jerusha and the Nephandi, she found James among them. When he had a moment alone with her, he tried to tell her how to resist the Cauls, and that if she could avoid walking them long enough, he could bring help. It would not be fast. He was not able to offer any more substantial assistance before the others returned, however. America was later rescued by Sonia Farooqi.

When Will was bleeding out after being shot during Jahan’s rescue, Dylan took Xifeng hostage and demanded she take him to an Empowered doctor. She took him to James, who healed him while Xifeng was at gunpoint.

After the Virtual Adept raid on the Rock Island Construct, Xifeng Lin is promoted to supervisor and James is made second-in-command of AT-12. With the death of Cadence Richmond following the failed attempt to keep Jahan Meshadi away from his old cabal-mates, she is replaced by incoming Iterator Vic Jacques. The amalgam is moved to Cincinnati.

During Super Tuesday, James functions in a support role. The operation is a disaster. Besides the fact that Davey Darkefell makes him inject himself with a sedative, Nephandi show up and nearly destroy the surviving Technocrats and Traditionalists, until Matt shows up and defeats them. James, de facto team leader as Xifeng is bleeding at that point, stops Peter Fischer from shooting at Matt and possibly getting himself killed.

Matt heals Xifeng and enlists her to help him track Will, threatening to kill James and the other members of her team if she doesn’t cooperate. She does, telling James to get everyone back to HQ and fill them in on the situation.

After these events, AT-12 is dissolved, and its membership reconstituted in WU-51, James no longer in a direct leadership role.

When America creates the Superstar Universe, James is the biological father of America Anders, and is married to Sapphira Wilson. That universe collapsed and merged with the current dimension. When America Anders approached him about this, it was clear he remembered being her father—even knew traits like her favorite color—but said it was unlikely that he was her father, and more likely that the artifact gave her what she wanted, and picked a man who had shown some kindness to her. He rejected America, telling her that getting too close to his world had nearly destroyed her before, and suggested she go to Sapphira instead.

James is an Initiate of Life and Matter and mainly uses his Enlightened Science to use medical equipment.

When Quentin Ramsey abducted Mackenzie, James knew he was about to be exposed. He remembered how he had been involuntarily taken to the Cauls, but unlike America, no one came to rescue him. His Avatar was inverted, but he kept resisting, trying to get himself exposed until torture and murder got him to stop. Even then, he got himself kicked to the 5th Degree for incompetence, until Mackenzie tortured him again and got him to agree never, ever to try to defeat their cause like that.

Mackenzie went to see Ben, who realized he was a Nephandus. Something in the moment cause James to snap—he knocked Ben out, viciously bisected him while he was still alive, and then used sarin gas against Mackenzie and the Men in White questioning him. He returned home to kill his wife, and then work on the Nephandic solution to end the world.

After Christine was gilguled, he took over instructing the Technocrats and got them to vent some energy at 44.428 N, 110.586 W. Then he took Jerusha there himself, destroyed the threshold she teleported through, and laughed as the eruption gilguled the pair of them and anyone around for hundreds of miles, to say nothing of killing hundreds of millions of people.

James McAvoy

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