Jahan Meshadi

The Lost One


Jahan is a stocky, muscular 14-year-old standing 5’5" tall. He is Azeri, with black hair, broad features, and black eyes. His skin is a light brown. While the youngest of the cabal, he looks older than some of their members, if not taller.


Jahan Meshadi never really had a chance.

He Awakened at the age of 7 on his own, as an Orphan, outside the city of Baku, then part of the USSR. His initial teachings were guided by the spirit world, and it was 2 years later he was found by a Taftani mage. The Taftani are unfazed by child mages—although Jahan was young even by their standards—and duly brought over to the Taftani paradigm. To the Taftani, in exchange for teaching and wisdom, the apprentice gives the teacher sexual pleasure.

It was a miserable time for Jahan, in a bargain he didn’t choose and had no way out of. He found a similar prisoner—a djinn, and one of the source’s of his Master’s power. The djinn tried to bargain with him, offering him power in exchange for his release, but Jahan just wanted him to be free, like he could not be.

If he had taken a bargain, the djinn would have killed him. But the totally selfless act from a human child touched the normally malicious djinn sentimentally. “For this,” He told Jahan, “You will always find a welcome in the djinn court.” He then told Jahan to run, and run Jahan did, while he killed his Master.

It took Jahan 2 years to find his family again. During this time, he began to revert to his old paradigm, but more powerful than before, and more experienced, he was influenced by the perspectives of the spirit world, and became a Dreamspeaker. While unusual, it is not unheard of for Dreamspeakers to develop without a human mentor—the paradigm can be transmitted through other sources, and he interacted with other Dreamspeakers from time to time.

Upon returning to Baku, he began to have interactions that would guide him to the Ghost Wheel Society, the Dreamspeakers, and before his family left his paradigm would have cemented—at least, for a few more years.

He met Will Harrison when they were both abducted by the human serial killer Chad Smith. Despite valiant efforts by both boys, they were ultimately rescued by the angel Jerusha. He joins Will’s cabal, the Children of Vision, doing his best to deal with the vengeance spirits plaguing him despite his inexperience.

He goes with the cabal to track Jeffrey, participating with the plan that ultimately results in the Nephandus’ melting. Through his friendship with Will, he explores computers and the Digital Web. After his first trip into the Network, he changes paradigms, becoming a largely ineffectual Virtual Adept. After this he tells Will the story of how he Awakened and became a Taftani.

He initially participates in the plan to take out Jacob, distracting Will at his house, but feeling guilty, changes his mind and fills Will in on Sonia’s plan. He and Will arrive to see Jerusha kick Cudro into Dylan’s car. The cabal is broken. Will is furious. Will, Dylan, Jacob, Jahan, and Cudro leave for Chicago.

In Chicago, Jacob and the cabal fight the Technocracy. While they escape, Jahan, trying to be useful, picks up Kianna’s urn, becoming first step blood bonded to her in the process. He hurls it at the approaching Technocrats. As the van accelerates, however, he tumbles out the back. Only Kianna witnesses this, however, and says nothing. He is captured by the Technocrats.

While Xifeng is unable to move him, James intimidates him enough to get him to talk, and he gives an abbreviated account of events to Xifeng. He manages to dream his way into the Digital Web—still a dreamwalker if a Virtual Adept—and Kate removes his memories of Christine, keeping her safe, and corrupts his knowledge of the Network.

It’s Cadence Richmond who catches him Dreaming his way into the Web—Cadence, who doesn’t believe he’s a Dreamspeaker, but a Virtual Adept. That conversation would lead to a friendship—after Mackenzie is through torturing him to the Technocratic paradigm, with one tweak—Mackenzie lays the groundwork for Jahan to become a Nephandus, but in all the changes, that programming is absorbed and lost.

Kate and Linda staged a massive raid on the Rock Island Construct so the cabal could rescue Jahan. Jahan, forewarned, had Cadence and Ben lie in wait in ambush, and tried to shoot Will with a stungun to get him away from his dangerous cult. In the altercation, Jacob shot Cadence point blank in the head, and Alex knocked Jahan out and absconded with him.

He is sent to the Order of Hermes in [[St. Louis | St. Louis]], the closest location where a Master of Mind and Entropy can return him to his Virtual Adept state. But here the Order tries to get him to “try out” the Hermetic paradigm, since he’s going to be starting over anyway—and this, finally, is too much for Jahan. Orphan, Taftani, Dreamspeaker, Virtual Adept, vampiric ghoul, Technocrat, Infernalist, Hermetic, and Virtual Adept again—Jahan comes to the realization none of these really matter, they’re all really the same thing, and he can be ALL of them.

He’s sent to the Hermetics in Cincinnati, under Mountjoy, who eventually turns him over to Will when he’s stable enough. More distant now, he spends time at the Old Man’s House, where he runs into Ben. He apologizes for no longer being a Technocrat, and considers going back. Gaining Ben’s email address, he warns Ben about Mackenzie being a Nephandus.

He participates in Super Tuesday and in rescuing Will from the Nephandi, during which Jacob frenzies and drinks his blood. This causes him to hallucinate and project psychedelic illusions throughout the church.

It was in Hollow Earth that the cabal discovered Jahan was, in fact, a Marauder, and the evidence had been in front of them the whole time. He escaped.

The cabal is split on how to deal with Jahan. Alex, Daniel, and Steve want to kill him; Davey, Will, and Sonia want to save him.

Back in Ohio, Daniel hatched a plan to kill him, taking along America and Jacob. Jahan was now staying at the Old Man’s. The plan went sour when Joshua showed up and all were forced to flee.

On the day of the Juncture, Jahan stared at the Order of Hermes chantry where he knew Mountjoy was keeping his mother, Tamara. He did not attack, however, instead teleporting to the Technocracy chantry and abducting Ben. He had created a simulation of Cadence’s body and wanted to use Ben’s memories to ressurrect her. After rolling Ben’s alignment to be loyal to him, Ben suggested he needed to copy her spirit, not just his memories.

He then abducted Jacob, bringing with him Cadence’s soul, and attempted to either copy her soul or place it inside the body. A spirit entered the body and saved her from this fate.

When Sedna split reality into four, Jahan deteriorated rapidly in all versions of reality. In one, he and Joshua turned Will into a Marauder and killed most of the cabal. In another, Joshua corrupted the spirit of Cincinnati and most of the cabal died anyway. In another, he attempted to turn Will by himself and glitched him.

In the world that remained, Jahan was killed by Sapphira, but he got back up again after his death. He was only vulnerable to metal. The combined of the cabal and Technocrats were almost insufficient to destroy him, and his false Cadence murdered Mountjoy. After he was mortally wounded, C├ęcile Beauchene took him from the Technocrats and allowed him to die with Will and Tamara.

Upon his death, Cadence led him to the afterlife.

Jahan Meshadi

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