The Vampire


Jacob is a plain-looking young man in his late teens. He has pale skin, short-cropped brown hair, light brown eyes, and stands about 5’11". He tends to favor jeans, t-shirts, and the occasional leather jacket.


Jacob (he’s never given a consistent last name) is a Ravnos from Chicago. He appears to be about 18 and was turned only 8 months ago. As a Ravnos, he has aptitude with illusions and animal communication, but he falls prey to a vice—in his case, making bad situations worse.

At some point, shortly after being turned, Jacob diablerized a Brujah named Juggler, drinking all of his blood, and with it his soul. With it he gained much of Juggler’s power. However, Juggler was not completely destroyed. A piece of his soul is still present, and has been detected by Sonia and Matt.

Jacob is something of a crack shot with a firearm, but is a easily the worst driver the cabal has ever met. He also has a ghouled kitten ,Sunshine. He has spent quite a bit of blood since his making creating her, but he thinks having a supernatural kitty is worth it.

He originally met Sonia and Will at a party in Davenport, luring Will away to feed and give him the first step of the blood bond. Upon taking Will home, he learned he and Sonia were mages. This led to him administering the second step of the blood bond and becoming embroiled in their affairs. What he did not know is that feeding off of a Mage’s blood slowly but surely bonded him to Will as well, as Dylan would later inform him.

When the rest of the cabal realizes what he’s done to Will, they try and fight him on Will’s front lawn. He brings reinforcements in the form of the Brujah Cudro, a member of his pack from Chicago. They defeat the cabal but are in turn ambushed by Jerusha, who handily defeats both vampires. Sonia talks her out of killing anyone.

Will arrives and, furious, leaves with Dylan, Jahan, Jacob, and Cudro as the cabal is broken. They head to Chicago.

On a return trip to Davenport, Jacob meets 3 Technocrats—Xifeng, Ben, and Russ. After Ben discovers what he is, after a brief skirmish he abducts Russ and brings him back to Chicago, where they question him. Later, he calls Xifeng—knowing the call will be traced—because he can’t help himself. Before the Technocrats can arrive, Kianna, the leader of his old pack, arrives to see “what he’s been keeping from her.” She tries to blood bond Will to their entire pack but Will’s Avatar rejects it.

During the attack, Jacob spares James’ life, but shoots Ben several times, mostly for leaving James to die. They manage to escape, but Jahan tumbles out of the van and is captured. Jacob, upon learning Kianna said nothing, chooses Will over Kianna.

After, Jacob is instrumental in rescuing Jahan—in fact, disguised as Jahan, he is the one who kills Cadence Richmond.

When the cabal moves to Cincinnati, Jacob follows. Eleanor Morris and the Verbena eventually break the blood bond, but Jacob remains tied to Will. He can now only drink Mage blood for sustenance. While his powers have advanced far faster than any vampire of his age, Will has some limited command over him. When Will came to him wanting blood, he tried to refuse him—but he couldn’t directly incapacitate him and he couldn’t tell Sonia what Will was doing. He managed to get away, but Will severed his arm by teleporting the Matter pattern.

They were almost immediately attacked by Gavin and a Black Spiral Dancer. Jacob fought as well as he could, but was taken along with Will. He was tortured alongside Will as an auxiliary to Will’s torture.

Jacob and Juggler manage to act together to defeat Gavin. When Gavin sets a holy object to burn on him, Jacob holds back all his hunger and allows Juggler to come forward and take possession of the body. When Gavin came over to investigate, Juggler Dominated him and knocked him out, and broke free, releasing Will. While Juggler did not care about his or Jacob’s continued survival, he couldn’t stop Jacob’s frenzied hunger from repossessing his body, and Jacob fed off Will.

As they were currently being rescued, the two managed to escape. During a frenzy, he fed off the Marauder, Jahan, causing him to hallucinate and project psychadelic illusions into the air.

Since then Will’s exploration of Matter has allowed him to repair Jacob’s arm.

Later, Will and Jacob travel into the Middle Umbra to rescue Alex. in Flux, Jacob’s bond to Will is broken, though he still relies on the sustenance of mages now. After the rescue, Juggler is able to attack Jacob separate from himself. Alex and Will talk him out of it, and Ren returns a piece of Juggler that was inside Jacob, and a piece of Jacob inside Juggler. Jacob can no longer Dominate. Jacob apologizes, for the first time, for what he did to him. Juggler then asks Alex to send him on.

At the Carnival, Jacob finds Xifeng after she has been transformed into a cat. As he is the only one who can communicate with her, he takes her with him, urging her to use her natural abilities to perceive the spirit world, although their relationship is antagonistic. He also makes the situation worse, upon confronting Joshua, by using Dementation to make him briefly crazier.

Since the cabal’s discovery of Jahan as a Marauder, Jacob has begun to see Cadence, who wants him to track the boy down. He went along with Daniel’s plan to kill him, but they were thwarted by the arrival of Joshua.

Because the Juncture happened during the day, Jacob was unable to participate in the fighting. However, Jahan abducted him in an attempt to place Cadence in the false body he created. He was rescued by Will. Later, Cadence forced him to storm Ben’s safehouse and take him out. Even disoriented by daytime he was easily able to knock out the Iterator.



Sunshine is Jacob’s ghouled kitten. He’s spent a lot of blood and power making her what she is. Aside from being adorable, she has abilities in Animalism (so she can taunt rats while she chases and eats them), Chimerstry (…probably the same reason), Potence (she’s probably about as strong as a mid-sized dog, despite her size), and even a little Fortitude (she can take more damage than you’d expect a kitten to take). Since Jacob’s blood has become hopped up on mage blood, some of these abilities have become a bit more potent. It’s great.


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