Indira Bachchan

The NASA Administrator


Almost 11 weeks after the Cataclysm, the Avengers went to Houston, TX, led by Kouamé Bekoe, in search of a means to contact the Archmages. Indira was the highest-ranking survivor among the Void Engineers there, mostly because all of her higher-ups had been killed during the unrest and vampire attacks that followed the Cataclysm.

Indira was initially friendly, but secretly involved in a conspiracy to abduct America Anders and torture her in the Digital Web for the crimes of her father, James McAvoy. When confronted, Indira stubbornly insisted on America in exchange for their help with contacting the Archmages.

However, several of her subordinates began stabbing Kouamé to death. While she didn’t anticipate it, she didn’t stop them, instead attempting to subdue the Avengers. Ursula appeared over satellite and demanded they stop, and Indira refused. Another of her subordinates declared independence from the Union, and Ursula’s satellite feed was interrupted. However, Will was able to get the Avengers out.

Indira had little control over her own subordinates and seemed ill-prepared for the job she had fallen into, besides arranging for America’s abduction. It is unknown what retaliation Ursula and the Union has taken.

Indira Bachchan

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