Fríða Vilhjalmsson

The Chorister


Fríða is a tall white woman that appears to be in her 60s. She is Icelandic.


Fríða is one of the last ten remaining Adepts of Time. She is a member of the Celestial Chorus.

Unlike some other Adepts, she doesn’t hold a position of authority within the Chorus. As a Nashimite, she believes that all things are part of God, and that all living things determine (or reflect) Its will. As such, she believes that as the souls of humanity become corrupt, so too does God become malevolent, and she works to uplift the souls of humanity. This outlook makes her a heretic among her more orthodox (and very Catholic) Tradition.

When Matt and Xifeng reached Sedna, Sedna informed them Fríða was in danger, and sent Matt to rescue her. She was under attack by Johann Erdoğan and barely escaped with her life.

Fríða traveled with Matt and Xifeng for the weeks following the Cataclysm, until Ursula hooked them up with the chantry. Fríða shared her theory that Kal was using the homunculi as Archmages when convenient, and having them absorb the effects of Paradox. Working with Will and America, they identified the specific resonance of a homunculus and distributed it, allowing most of the homunculi to be killed.

Johann has made a very specific threat that Fríða will be the next one to die.

Fríða Vilhjalmsson

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