Eleanor Morris

The Verbena


Eleanor is a woman in her mid-fifties who has aged very, very well. White, she has wavy blonde hair that runs to her shoulders, and vivid green eyes. She gives a sense of vivaciousness and life that belies her actual age. She stands at 5’7", but tends to prefer heels that give her a few more inches of height.


Eleanor Morris, also known as Eleanor Phoenix Song, is a Verbena Adept with important ties to many other characters in the story. She is a high-ranking Traditionalist, head of the Verbena in both Davenport and Cincinnati, and married to a high-ranking Technocrat, Frederick, whose actions she reports on and occasionally influences.

She is Christine’s mother, and like Will’s father, knew more about the cabal’s situation than they did, having been an original member of Gabrielle‘s cabal as Eleanor Graf. She had passively helped her daughter on a number of occasions—notably undoing Frederick’s mindwipe of Christine learning that he was Technocracy.

She participated in rescuing America Anders from the Cauls, probably saving America’s rescuer, Sonia Farooqi. She recognized and drove off the Nephandic Man in White Stephen Mackenzie, but neither one has moved against the other. Eleanor can compromise his position as a Man in White, and all the influence that entails, but he can disrupt her hold over her husband, one of the most powerful Technocrats in the largest Iteration X construct in North America. They have remained at a stalemate.

That night led to Christine aligning herself with Jerusha. She placed her other daughter, Melissa, in hiding with the Verbena, and followed the trail to Cincinnati, where she has been looking for her since, helping the cabal along the way.

It also led to Sonia becoming enamored with the older Verbena, and becoming dual-Traditioned as a Verbena herself, with Eleanor as her mentor. America became enamored in a different way, and the two have been lovers.

Eleanor and the Verbena with great difficulty, broke Will’s blood bond to Jacob.

In the Superstar universe, Eleanor and Sonia were both America’s girlfriends, among anything else America could have wanted or dreamed. They all remembered it when it was done. Sonia was disturbed by it, but Eleanor told her it only meant as much as she allowed it to.

Eleanor accompanied Sapphira and the Avengers to Tippecanoe, where it was revealed by Jessica that Christine was Dylan’s child. Eleanor stabbed Jessica in the heart, noting “Masters never expect a physical attack,” and confirmed the relationship was non-consensual and a stab at Gabrielle. Eleanor hated Gabrielle more than she felt anything else in the world, because Gabrielle was better at everything and more loved by everyone. Ultimately she was the one to kill Gabrielle.

Eleanor handily defeated the Avengers with the help of several talismans she was wearing, electrocuting Jianyu until his heart stopped beating and redirecting a bullet back into Daniel’s gut. She trapped most of them in a wall of thorns and invited America to join her and leave them behind. America tricked and attacked Eleanor, so she pushed her into the thorns and left her to die.

Outside, Eleanor met Matt for the first time. He told her 11 years ago she killed a very good friend of his, and engaged her in battle. Even after fighting 8 mages she was a near-equal match for him, finally falling to his knife and justice.

Eleanor Morris

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