Davey Darkefell

The Son of Ether


Davey Darkefell is a slender boy in his early teens standing 5’7" tall. He has light brown skin, a short black afro, and the beginnings of stubble on his chin. His eyes are lighter than his hair, a sort of dark hazel.

Davey favors a grunge style—jeans that look like they’ve been run over by a car half a dozen times, messy shirts when he bothers to wear them at all, as well as bizarre Ethertech. Some of the signature items he wears include a fingerless glove that allows him to throw electricity, and the Mentor-Intensifier Helmet, a full helmet that looks like it was made out of a base of a spaghetti strainer.


Davey Darkefell is a 15-year-old Son of Ether, and an Adept of Prime, Matter, and Mind. He is Canadian, from Quebec, and Awakened as a 12-year-old within the Technocratic Paradigm. Octavia Debussy took a personal interest in him, giving him age-appropriate materials to guide him along his eventual admission into the Union upon adulthood, but he switched sides under the influence of his sister, a Daughter of Ether.

Kate took Will to him to solve the problem of Will’s jhor (which Davey did). In the process, Will shared Davey’s memory of being tortured by the Man in White Stephen Mackenzie, who also killed Davey’s acolyte friend Thomas.

Davey has not been on the Digital Web very long, but despite his ability to appear as anything, no one takes him for an adult. He has instead taken to insisting he is Absolutely Sixteen.

When Kate and Linda were gathering allies to strike the Technocracy, in order to provide a distraction to rescue Jahan, Davey was the only one to sign up. This led to the Technocracy tracing him to his home and his eventual fleeing to the chantry as a safe haven. He shared the rec room with America, and they became surprisingly good friends. He brings America into the Etherite paradigm.

During Super Tuesday, Davey is able to get Xifeng to take herself, Russ, and James out with a flash grenade. He also takes Jerusha out with ball lightning. He participates in the rescue of Will at the Sisters of Mercy Church, helping America defeat Nina.

Octavia has told Xifeng about her past relationship with Davey and asked her to apprehend him, should she have the opportunity.

After the Carnival, Davey uses the mento-intensifer helmet to learn all of Ben’s Digital Web identities, exposing him as a double agent on the Web and dangerously blowing his cover. Then the cabal releases him to tell the Technocracy about Joshua.

After Jahan is revealed as a Marauder, Davey votes to try and save him.

During the Juncture, Davey is absent combat with Jahan in order to charge Periapts he and America created. He reappears after the Juncture closes, hitting Jahan with a car and bringing with him a surprisingly ally in Jerusha. America is forced to kill Jahan to prevent him from killing Davey.

Afterwards, Davey accompanies the rest of the Avengers—as well as Eleanor, Sapphira, and Jianyu to Tippecanoe. Eleanor reveals her treachery and tries to kill the Avengers with a primal wall of thorns. The thorns puncture Davey’s body and Jessica is unable to save him. He dies.

Davey Darkefell

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