Christine Morris

The Infernalist


Christine was an original member of the Children of Vision before Sonia’s actions broke it. She is a member of the Order of Hermes and the daughter of Eleanor Morris and Dylan Harrison.

Being the daughter of the ranking Verbena in the city, growing up Eleanor gave her books and materials designed to illicit a Verbena awakening, but it didn’t work—she became a hedge-witch, but Eleanor realized her interference was blocking her natural progress. She allowed Christine to pursue her own interests and beliefs, and Christine gravitated toward and quickly gravitated toward the Order of Hermes, Awakening at an age that surprised even her mother.

She developed on her own until she met Sonia, Will, Sid, and Jahan. It was with them, investigating what Will would call the Network, that she would meet someone who would change her life—Jerusha, the Fallen Angel. When the cabal broke, Christine fell under her influence, joining her sympathies and working to uncover how its Forces could be used for the demon’s benefit.

After a long time missing, Sonia and Davey saw her when they went to confirm the Nephandic ceasefire with the Avengers, Sonia’s new cabal. Jerusha invited her to dinner to rattle Sonia. She was calm but fervent in her belief they were saving the world, unable to see differently even when the Nephandi offered Davey cooked human flesh as an entree, leading Sonia to end the dinner. When Jerusha left and Gavin and Nina argued, she grew agitated, clearly the lowest person on the demonic totem pole.

On New Year’s Eve, Christine led the Nephandic efforts to access the Network, becoming the first person in over a century to access its power. The resulting backlash was so strong it not only consumed her body but gilguled her.

Christine Morris

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