Charlotte Bailey

The Void Engineer


Charlotte is a short white woman in her late thirties standing about 5’3" tall. Her sandy blonde hair is usually pulled out of her way into a ponytail, and she has pale blue eyes.


Charlotte is a naturalized American citizen and a Void Engineer who was assigned to WU-51 in Cincinnati after Xifeng Lin was promoted and given command of two amalgams in the city. While AT-12 is still assigned to capture Sonia Farooqi, WU-51 has more general RD priorities.

Nonetheless, WU-51’s first mission is capturing the cabal at Super Tuesday. Charlotte acquits herself extremely well. When America Anders tries to use the hot tub to escape to Hollow Earth, Charlotte uses Dimensional Science to change the hot tub’s drop off point to the middle of the Technocrats. When Alex and America come through, they find Sonia, Jahan, and Dylan already unconscious. The mission probably would have been a success, if not for the arrival of Jerusha and the Nephandi.

Charlotte seamlessly switches to working with the Traditionalist deviants. While she can’t seem to hit Jerusha, Davey can. And while America can’t even see the Batini Nephandus, she can (and is in fact the only one standing who can). She orders America to help the others, while she defeats the Batini Nephandus.

When Matt arrives and kills Sapphira, seeing that there are no more Nephandi left to force a temporary alliance with deviants, Charlotte immediately tries to shoot and kill Matt. Matt blows a handful of dust in her face, and overwhelmed with her inevitable mortality, she collapses.

Right after this, Xifeng is taken hostage so Matt can track Will, himself taken by the Nephandi. Matt and Xifeng work with the Technocrats to track his location, and Zahir sends Charlotte to meet with them with photos for Xifeng to peruse. At the last minute, Matt deliberately changes the meeting location to a Kindercare so Charlotte is afraid to initiate a firefight. Xifeng identifies Gavin from the photos.

After these events, AT-12 is dissolved and its members merged into WU-51. Later, when Charlotte is on medical leave, Xifeng Lin goes missing for several hours after investigating some RD activity ahead of the Pan-Dimensional Corps. Charlotte and Brendon Bern, the newest member of the amalgam, investigate. They find cars encased in honeycomb and bees acting strangely, and Brendon falls asleep and ends up encased in honeycomb himself. Xifeng ends up rescuing him, and this is the amalgam’s first encounter with the Time Marauder, Joshua Lopez. After this, neither Xifeng’s supervisor nor any of the PDC even remember the events—not because of any mental manipulation, but because unlike Xifeng, Charlotte, and Bren, it did not happen for them.

When Joshua causes several hundred people, including her amalgam-mate Vic Jacques, to disappear from a Carnival, QH-97 is formed to deal with him. WU-51 becomes backup, although due to the unpredictability of tracking a Time mage, they have plenty of time to pursue other threats to reality.

At the Battle of Chili’s, Charlotte and Xifeng were sitting down to lunch when Charlotte saw an Arcane Nadira approaching with a fireball to assassinate her. She flung a plate into the Hermetic. This led to an all-out battle with her and Alex in which Alex shot an innocent woman and Charlotte was gravely burned. She chose to prioritize protecting Xifeng, enlisting her Sleeper waiter to hold her arm steady while she shot Alex, shattering his chest and sending him into another coma. Nadira attempted to kill her and the Sleeper in retaliation, but Xifeng executed her before she could. Then Alex dropped the restaurant on them with an earthquake before falling into his coma. She and Xifeng survived with only minor injuries.

Charlotte participated in the events of the Juncture, ultimately sealing Joshua away (along with Alex and Siera). She followed after Jahan and was ultimately neutralized by the false Cadence.

Charlotte Bailey

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