Chris Rook

The Soldier of God


Chris was a ripped human athlete. He was a white man with spiky platinum bottle-blonde hair, dark brown eyes and a tan. He had impressively large arms.


Chad Smith, better known by the moniker Chris Rook, was a human serial killer who abducted picked up Jahan Meshadi and Will Harrison when they were hitchhiking, independently. This happened to be how they met. He overpowered and knocked them out when they tried to get out of the car and they woke up chained in a shed where Jahan saw the wraiths of other boys he had killed. One such spirit Jahan communed with was named Joshua. They were rescued by Jerusha.

Jerusha later sprung him out of jail, telling him God was pleased with him and had a mission for him. Acting as messenger, she charged him to kill the boys in the Children of Vision—Jahan, Will, and Sid Sterling—but that Christine and Sonia were hers.

While human, he displayed peak level athletic abilities. He assaulted Jahan’s mother but, not finding Jahan, left quickly. He found Sid however, and violently killed the boy, smashing his face into a wall repeatedly. Next he went after Will. He jumped Dylan’s car while Will was inside bleeding, causing Dylan to crash into Xifeng, Ben and Russ.

He was shot and killed by Xifeng Lin.

Chris Rook

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