Cécile Beauchene

The Master of Balance


Cécile is a hard-faced woman who appears to be around 30. She is black, and carries her tiny 5’0" frame with a regal bearing. As a Master of Life, her body is without blemish or imperfection. As a Master of Entropy, she seems to be exactly where she needs to be, an important piece of the world. An observant viewer might notice she walks with a very balanced step, as though she were ready for any physical assault at any moment. Her black hair is coiled into bantu knots, and her eyes are dark and discerning.


Cécile was, and is, Matt’s mentor. A Chakravanti of extraordinary power, she was a Master of Entropy and Life. Unlike Matt, she is pretty stationary, staying largely in her home of Toulon, France.

She first appeared after Sonia broke her cabal, the Children of Vision, picking her up with Matt. Matt shocked Sonia by being deferential to her. She stated her opinion that Matt had coddled Sonia, something Sonia objected to, and Cécile told her she’d soon learn what difficult training was all about.

Cécile stranded Sonia on a deserted island with only a hunting knife and a prohibition against using magick, demanding she survive using only her wits for a month. Sonia lost weight, got very sick once, and was repeatedly attacked by a masked man she’d later learn was Cécile’s husband. At the end of it though she was tougher and had learned a lot more about how Life worked without a single magical lesson.

Once Sonia’s ordeals were over, she had a more relaxed, if regimented time. She participated in combat practice with Matt and Cécile, who are about evenly matched.

Cécile is a hard, harsh woman, much like the Tradition that shaped her, but she is a fair one. Despite her relationship with her students, she has a Sleeper husband who she has a relationship of absolute equality with. She is not well liked, but she is respected and feared within the Traditions.

Sonia had not been able to get ahold of Cécile since Jahan went Marauder, something that is very unusual as she is the reliable emergency contact should something happen to Matt.

Cécile reappeared during Black Tuesday, in one world explaining to the cabal after Jahan’s first death that he was only vulnerable to metal. In the world that remained, she did not make it to the cabal until after Jahan was already mortally wounded, but she managed to rescue Matt, Sapphira, and the cabal from the Technocrats and take Jahan to die in front of Will and his mother Tamara.

On New Year’s Eve, she traveled to St Louis to protect Linda McNally. During the weeks after the Cataclysm, Matt and Xifeng Lin went to St. Louis to find her. Matt later reported her dead. It is not known at this time if she was erased from the Book of Fate as well.

Cécile Beauchene

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