Aaron Spaulding

The Forgotten


Aaron is a muscular white male of 6’ tall. He has a light blue eyes. short brown hair and stubble. He appears in his late twenties.


Aaron is first mentioned by Matt when he tells the story of the loops: Aaron was a cabal member in the previous iteration of events, a Cultist of Ecstasy. He was close with both Sonia and Will, who feel recognition and fondness for him when his name is mentioned, even though they don’t remember him. He and Will were in a love triangle with Sonia, he tried to make it a triad with Will and was turned down. Dramatically, he went to end events on his own. That loop ended and the time travel was triggered, but he—along with Gabrielle, Kal, and others—no longer existed in the new timeline.

He makes his first appearance when Daniel is being tested by Kite and the Adepts, appearing outside of normal time with Daniel and Jacob. He proposes going back and changing the timeline, so Jahan and Sid don’t die, Christine isn’t turned, nothing bad happens to Will, and so forth. He tells Daniel something is killing the time mages, calling it the “Time Devourer” in reference to a video game that hasn’t come out yet.

Aaron and Daniel decide to use Kite’s power to at least gather information through time with their perceptions, but Jacob detects billions of restless dead when they do. At Cadence’s behest, he separates Daniel and Aaron, throwing the latter to be lost through time.

Aaron Spaulding

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